Why Wellington City Council selected SnapHire

SnapHire met our criteria as an eligible solution, but it was also the speed of replies to queries, the presentation from the CEO, and the phone calls that made all the difference (i.e. the personal responses and accessibility to the right people with the answers we needed). All of this gave us an indication of the kind of customer service we would experience as a customer.


“The support staff are straightforward
to deal with. Real people who care
about their jobs”


What is the best part about your partnership with Aotal?

Aotal’s support staff are straightforward to deal with. Real people who care about their jobs. The people who answer the phones also work on solving the actual issues, they don’t just provide triage and forward calls on. No request is a problem, they take ownership and things get done quickly. They have that personal touch unlike some companies you deal with these days who just dump you in a queue and send you nonsense responses.

What has been the impact for Wellington City Council and your teams?

The impact has been huge. Amongst other things, council now offers much better candidate care. Managers run their own processes (as opposed to a centralised HR team) so they can now easily take actions with multiple applicants. This ensures that all applicants will always get a response from us. The recruitment team can also remind managers
to manage their candidates as they now have greater visibility into the process.

Wellington City Council

We can consistently apply policy across the organisation – for example; no contracts will be created without a job, an applicant and a contract template through SnapHire. The Document Generator functionality has vastly reduced the time we spend writing contracts and the ability to collect meaningful statistics on our recruitment activity has been fantastic.

Vivian Turner
HR Operational Advisor