A careers site is at the forefront of many organisation’s recruitment efforts and will often give potential candidates a first impression into your how you present your brand. Poorly designed career sites can confuse candidates and having too many pages for users to navigate through can discourage applications.

Despite the belief that career websites would soon fade out as a result of emerging talent communities, they are still growing stronger than ever as an effective approach to attracting quality applicants. Their strengths lie in the ability to personalise their pages so that a consistent theme can be seen across the company portfolio, unlike job boards which often provide little to no information about a company.

Every careers site you ever see should be tailored specifically to the unique requirements of that business. We wanted to see which ones made a lasting impression and sat in a league of their own, so who better to ask than the team who build them and understand career sites unlike anyone else.

While we won’t list any sites that we’ve had any involvement with for obvious reasons, our Studio team who build and refurbish career sites have picked out what some of their most memorable career sites that they’ve seen are and what they think helps the pages stand out:

Yustinus: Jaguar Land Rovers 

The website has a sleek modern look and feel about it which aligns perfectly with their brand. There is no unnecessary clutter of useless information taking up space on the sides of the page and thanks to well-categorised sub-headings you are able to quickly navigate your way through the site to find information. You are able to apply through your Facebook and LinkedIn which reflects the growing emphasis many candidates are putting into their social accounts. From their application page, any other pages you open from their careers site will automatically open in a new tab, meaning you can keep your progress while searching their site for more information. It does, however, take quite a long time to load pages.

Jaguar Land Rover Careers

Ira: Spotify

While not the best careers site I’ve ever seen, I love the feel of a careers site that doesn’t feel the need to restrict themselves to be corporate. The site is very simple, but not cheap. Their job fields are categorised under Tech, Product, and Business eliminating that long list of categories which can occasionally blur the line between some job occupations. The page does a good job site at selling their culture to candidates and the prioritisation of Student opportunities and talent communities definitely gets a big thumbs up from me.

Spotify Careers


Prue: Orange

This one is a bit of a wildcard, but you never see anything quite like it these days. With a user’s eye naturally drawn to the top left of web pages, you will see an interactive map of available roles around the world. The map is definitely the standout feature of the whole site for me as it presents an interactive way for candidates to see where there are vacancies and you can even filter your searches to only include certain keywords, categories, or contracts. While many companies might only hire locally or have different recruitment departments for other geographical locations it would be great to see more people use this approach if even only on a smaller scale.



Got any more that you think should be on our list? Let us know!