New Year’s resolutions can be a great thing.  Usually it means we have spent some time taking stock and reviewing what we do and don’t like about our current state which often results in steps taken to make a positive change.

At SnapHire we would encourage you to take a look at how you are using your system today and see if it’s still fit for purpose.  Are there changes you would like to make to better suit your business processes? Now is a great time to get it done to set you up for a great 2020.  Talk to our team about a consultation if you would like some help mapping or designing your business process.

One of the best ways to gain buy in and momentum is to start small.  Small changes can be just as impactful and quick to implement.

Have you thought about reviewing these two small things that can make a big impact on your candidate experience?

Adding value to every candidate that takes the time to apply

Think about updating the templated emails that go out to every candidate that applies for a job with you.

Ensuring your candidate message is clear, consistent and on brand is a great exercise.  Is there something else you could consider offering to your candidates to add more value in return for them taking the time to submit an application?  Late last year we introduced you to GO1 and you can find the information by clicking the link on how you could bring a learning portal with your brand on to your candidate community for FREE!

It’s a quick and painless process for you but could mean the world of difference to your candidate base as they are introduced to an in their pocket learning resource all thanks to you.

You just have to add the links into your emails and update your message to include this cool new thing they can access, thanks to you. A big impact for your employer brand that takes only a small effort.  Check out the webinar on how to update your email templates yourself here and reference the article in the knowledge base here.

Make applying for a job with you easier

Think about your business process and what information you need from the candidate at each step in the journey.  Asking too many questions up front can make the application process onerous and off-putting for candidates and we see a correlation between how easy the application process is and the conversion of completed applications when we look at our data.

I’d encourage you to challenge the thinking that you need evidence of qualifications in the application stage or other supplementary materials that may mean candidates have to move out of the flow of the application process to retrieve the information when really you need that evidence later in the assessment stages of your process.

Last year we introduced self service features in SnapHire that allow you to make these changes to your registration and application questions yourself (if you have the right permissions from your admin)  Check out the webinar on how to get this done here or read the information in the knowledge base here.

Again, if you would like a consultation with our experts, reach out.  We love to talk with you about your goals and how SnapHire can help you achieve them.  We can talk to you about your conversion rates and we can work with you to track and monitor your improvements over time.

We look forward to a great year with you and encourage you to get in touch with our team to discuss how you can make 2020 the year of achieving your vision.