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Is your business one of the ones hit by a slow down in recruitment due to Covid-19?  You know that you’re likely to see a turn around once we come out of this pause mode but there’s a window of time where things aren’t quite business as usual?
To help keep your team engaged here are some ideas for projects you can sink your teeth into.

Check your tech 

Have you got the right software working for you?  Now is the perfect time to try something new, streamline processes, reduce costs, optimise workflows.  New software doesn’t always mean an additional cost to your business. Check out our previous article here about how you can save money by creating efficiencies through automation.  Make sure you look at what’s already in your SnapHire Marketplace for inspiration and tell us what you’re interested in here.

Plan for the future

Put on your strategic thinking hat and get around the virtual table with your other business leaders and try to develop a picture of what shape your organisation might take in the wake of the pandemic and what role recruitment might pay in this.  We have seen some of our clients hit with massive hiring tasks while others are retrenching quickly. Whichever end of the spectrum you’re sitting at recruitment will be a partner to HR as you are going through this change. If you’re retrenching then there will still be a need to fill the new roles created as functions are merged or responsibilities are realigned.  Make sure to protect your employer brand and create the best possible experience for your people whether they are onboarding in droves or you are experiencing valuable employees exiting the company.

Training, learning and skills development

Take the time to finally get around to that upskilling you have never been able to prioritise before.  Take a look at GO1 to see how their awesome offering could deliver a great learning opportunity for your broader team through their extensive catalogue of content, they have produced some fabulous content about remote working.  And check out our earlier article about how you can partner with GO1 for free to deliver an enhanced experience to your candidates using your templated emails.

Employment branding

Have you got someone in your team with a creative streak or a natural flair for marketing?  Perhaps you could put them in charge of freshening up your careers site. Even subtle changes could make a big difference.  Review all of the email content that sit in your templated emails. Could you add more value to your candidates as they go through your process?

Train your hiring managers to be better recruiters and build a better rapport

Is there an opportunity to up the capability of your key hiring managers and build a better relationship at the same time?  Having a better relationship with your line managers always helps to make the recruitment process more successful. Could you organise some ‘client’ visits with the dual purpose of getting to know each other better while discussing some of the finer points of behavioural interviewing or exploring some of the ways you could plan together for a more successful next recruitment campaign?

Sort out your job descriptions to better reflect your future organisation  

Whether you’re experiencing change or not there’s not many organisations that could put their hands up and say that their job descriptions don’t need a decent once over.  Good job descriptions will help you engage the best talent and persuade them to choose your organisation and weed out the ones you really want in a candidate rich market. It will set you up well for implementing AI based technologies that will match candidates to advertised jobs through CV parsing and capabilities exposed through testing.  We also know that expectations set correctly about what a new employee will be doing in their role is critical for engagement and productivity; I got to talk about this with one of our customers Lynne Allison from NZ Customs and Marley Merton from Xref,  so brush up on those job descriptions now, while you have time.