One of the most anticipated HR events in Australasia is the HR Innovation & Tech Fest – an opportunity for vendors and HR professionals to connect, and hear from global influencers. Each year exciting new ideas and technologies are unveiled, celebrating a continuous flow of disruption in the HR tech sector.

This year in Sydney was certainly no exception, with plenty of impressive vendors on the shop floor to work through, showcasing systems that do anything from automating interview processes to streamlining employee feedback.

Our team had a blast exhibiting over the two day event, connecting with current and potential partners of Talent App Store, and showcasing our SnapHire ATS. While the main purpose for exhibitors at these conferences is to sell, we still found it an immensely satisfying learning experience to be present at.


From left: Damian Newland, Melissa George, Richard Barry, Kunaal Punjabi, Emma Peden

Here is what our team had to say about what they learned from their time in Sydney:

Damian Newland (Head of Sales, Marketing & Growth)

HR Tech Fest presented our team with an opportunity to connect with a large number of our current and future HR tech partners. Our strategy for Talent App Store is to provide the market with a smorgasbord of pre-integrated HR solutions, and looking around the room it was fantastic to know we’re working with the right partners!

We spent time with Broadbean, Indeed, Co-hired, Enboarder, Fuel50, Predictive Hire, Pivot Remesys, Seek, Sidekicker, Testgrid, Vieple, Xref and more. Everyone is pushing the boundaries, and providing outstanding solutions in their areas of expertise, we’re really looking forward to continuing to help to bring the solutions to the market in an integrated way.

I noticed a growing emphasis on solutions focussed on temporary / contingent recruitment, like job matching & contractor talent pools, essentially looking to provide faster and more cost effective ways to bring talent into businesses for short term assignments. Automation is really key in this area as it’s all about speed. I also think there’s a lot of room for reducing cost here as it’s still ‘acceptable’ to be paying big margins for outsourced temp recruitment.

Kunaal Punjabi (Integrations & Projects Consultant)

Bots, AI and machine learning. All these technologies have quickly become buzzwords. But how relevant are they in the HR world and should we be worried about “Computers taking over the world”?

From the show we could see bots have already made a large impact on the retail industry by relieving a lot of the basic customer support activities, as machine learning allows the bots to get smarter and answer more questions. This same logic can be applied to the recruitment world. Where you have a chat bot ready to help a candidate when they inquire about a specific role or have issues with their application. The idea behind this is to provide the candidate the support they need without the intense workload applied on recruitment teams.

Another concept we saw emerging was virtual career fairs. The idea behind these is that you allocate slots for when you have these fairs, and you provide these times to candidates so they can come along and talk to a recruiter who would be sat behind a “booth”. This way you can always have a planned event and recruitment drive without having to spend lots of time and money organising this. Which in today’s world is a key driver of the need for new technologies and creative solutions.

These ideas working in conjunction provide the candidate with a better experience and recruitment teams a bit of relief so that they can focus on tasks that are more enjoyable for them, rather than being bogged down with just answering questions.

Melissa George (Client Relationship Manager)

We heard from industry leaders at Amazon and Casino Baton Rouge at the HR Tech Fest about their recruitment initiatives to keep the human touch alive within their individual processes. They highlighted a need to make the recruitment process as real as possible by telling a story. They used video tools to create a real experience for potential candidates showing them the office environment they would be working in and also giving them a chance to meet the team they would be working with through the power of video, right at the point of application. Chat bots were also a key point of discussion and while still being a virtual touch point, candidates where able to speak to a real person from HR in real time.

Amazon have also implemented a virtual career fare where they run events regularly online. Candidates pre-register and are presented with branded content and information. They setup a range of different career booths with targeted content and candidates can chat directly with recruiters in these areas. They have found that this is significantly increasing the candidates understanding of the role before they decide to apply. 

Emma Peden (Projects & Implementations Consultant)

We all understand how difficult it can be to write an engaging, standout job advert that attracts the right people to a role. While at HR Innovation & Tech Fest I was introduced to a new way of creating and presenting job adverts through using the media of video. As people are increasingly consuming information via video this seems like the natural next step for job adverts. Video job adverts have the potential to be a more personal, interesting and engaging way to demonstrate company culture, promote employer branding and present a realistic view of the job, including the manager, team and work environment.

One memorable vendor utilising this technology was VideoMyJob. They have created a mobile app that gives you the tools to create video adverts, including the ability to present pre-written scripts on a teleprompter and create branded templates. They even have an outline on the screen so you know where to position yourself.